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everything in; out South Africa Group Exhibition

Updated: May 9, 2023

everything in; out is an emerging exhibitions program that dedicates itself to exclusively presenting fine art photography. Concurrently, the program’s interest is to help photography escape the white walls of a gallery. In its mobility, everything in; out also turns the showcasing of artworks into an immersive, cultural experience that further uplifts the works presented. Its interest in creating not just shows but worlds is what sets this program apart. It travels in accordance with the exhibitions’ curation and showcases works in different spaces. Its ultimate goal is to uplift and encourage the upliftment of photography as a fine art medium in South Africa and assist in stretching the art community’s perception of what artful photography encompasses. everything in; out offers itself as a space where expression beyond the print can exist, to amplify the photographer’s subject matter. It commits to supporting emerging and established artists, and to fostering a sense of community among artists, their audience, and the wider public.

Featured artists: Andile Buka, Thalente Khomo, Bontle Juku, Siyabonga Mahlaba, Mila Nkwada, Retang Sebeka, Simba Takaedza, and Aart Verrips

The self-titled exhibition returns to the nucleus of image-making and immerses its audience in the environment of a studio set. our presentation delves into the image maker’s subconscious, self-reflexive contemplations before pressing the shutter, and how these processes inform not only how they represent the subject, but also the complexities of what permeates their gaze as an image maker. why does what they are shooting capture their attention? to the point where it becomes important that their specific frame of reference surrounding their subject/s that come from their inside lives on the outside as well?

See the recap of the exhibition:

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