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Dox The Maverick Introduces Himself With A Diverse Sonic Palette On Debut Offering "We'll Figure It

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Pushing the envelope of the emerging artist culture Luyolo Dzingwa, affectionately known as Dox The Maverick came into alternative prominence as ⅓ of counter-culture collective, Artbishups with whose 2019 debut “Mix’d Feelings”, spawning singles like “Jar” and “Mpintsho” won the 2020 Dolby Inspired to Inspire Artist Spotlight Talent Search and garnered them publication on American platform The Fader, who described the eclectic trio and collaborators like Ville Moon as the epitome of off-beat, on time jams.

Following carefully curated features on fellow bishops Hurricane Dan Fischer and Halo Yagami’s You Can’t Replace The Sun and cute face, lonely heart on “Scefe” and “333” respectively, Dox The Maverick has grounded himself into a diverse sonic palette exploring the full scope of artistry, combining classical Neo-soul with new wave alternative trap to birth the genesis of his personal experience in music with his debut offering 'We'll Figure It Out.'

Stills by @johnbaloy

Cover Art by @MartinSenekal_

Produced in collaboration with fellow members of the eclectic trinity Artbishups, Hurricane Dan Fischer and Halo Yagami, "We Will Figure It Out" features an eloquent palette of poetic penmanship and eccentric vocal textures and octaves that speak to futuristic nostalgia and emotive philosophy quenching the thirst for palatable consciousness and clout orientated banter making for a well rounded listen. On the precipice of critical acclaim standout singles "Don't Look Back" and "Fun (feat. Imane)", have already been featured on Apple Music's New Music Daily

Speaking on the album, Dox Shares:

Stills by @johnbaloy

Cover Art by @MartinSenekal_

"Fate is always on time. Our rendezvous with destiny doesn't always happen at our command, but rather fate. This has been a journey filled with uncertainty, moments of triumph, doubt and a roller-coaster relationship with faith. The constant echoes of the words 'We'll Figure it Out" I repeatedly told myself while stuck in a rented backroom, were the only beacon of better days to come."

Watch “Tebu” Visualizer Here:

Dox The Maverick recently made an appearance on the "Off The Hook" podcast, where he discussed his passion for creativity and how he became involved in the culture of music. During the interview, he also treated listeners to a thrilling freestyle and shared his thoughts on topics such as AKA, Khuli Chana, FUBU, and Kaizer Chiefs.

Watch Off The Hook Here:

With "We Will Figure It Out", Dox The Maverick carves a lane in delectable musicality and a stake as a lyrical taste-maker. As the album gains momentum, be sure to request your favorite songs on your radio station of choice and connect with Dox The Maverick on social media for more music news.

Watch 101 Visualizer Here:

Connect With Dox The Maverick

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