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Designers J.Reid & Doctor Garmentz Elevate The Scene During NYFW ‘Ascension’ Collection Debut

Updated: Mar 3

The highly esteemed breakout designers captivated audiences with their collaborative debut showcase during NYFW on the CFDA calendar. J.Reid® and Doctor Garmentz® (designer of Organic Garmentz) are celebrated for their expertise in high-frequency design and dedication to crafting premium garments, seamlessly integrating striking silhouettes with sustainable practices.

Setting themselves apart in streetwear fashion, they distinguish themselves not only through the quality and originality of their designs but also the community they foster. As evidenced by the many people lining up around the block dressed as their most authentic selves to witness their latest collection titled "Ascension," J.Reid and Doctor Garmentz demonstrated that they are the ones to watch. This collection, signifying the new age of the collective, aims to redefine the future of fashion.

The showcase event included sounds by SenaiSounds & KillKam, an open bar, appetizers and  a station where you could get your nails done. This created a charged atmosphere for connection and expression as guests were immersed into the artist's vision through the collections, portraits and fashion forward guests. 

In an exclusive interview with J.Reid, delve deeper into how these two designers are leaving their mark with this collaboration and their overarching mission.

Guests pictured in Ocean Blue sunglasses, Cicada Valley beanie & Healthy Snacks hoodie.

How did this collaboration come together? 

J.Reid: “It was very simple and organic. This will be my (J.Reid) 3rd calendar event during NYFW and I wanted to do something community based rather than traditional exclusive and snooty FW energy. (Which I also love) The intention with my company is to always elevate or raise the frequency through design. I had a vision and we put the play together easily. Q (Doc Garments) is a visionary also in many ways he understands content marketing and consistency. That is something we share, and our passion for fashion is always the root of how anything moves around us. To be honest I feel the collab happens off like minded energy and intention. I feel it was diving timing, and a win win for both party’s. Not to mention both company’s have a positive message and connection to source. That's why we brought 300+ out easily, this is God's work.”

Dr. Garmentz flashes his new tattoo after his motto: “In Lyyyfe”

What is your relationship with Doc Garmentz, have you collaborated before?

J.Reid: “I met Q (Doc) last September during fashion week. He stopped by my showroom at Bowery Showroom in the LES area and we chopped it. He fucked with the brand and we exchanged numbers. I always liked his content and how authentic it was. I’m really good at developing and making a new moment with a new relationship. So I had ideas already but wanted to give it time. Fashion week can be so much and I was just coming off my first runway show in September 2023, but I knew I wanted to work with him next time I did NY.  I believe it was November and I was just getting back from a pop up I did in Japan. I saw him in my eyewear doing reel content and fit pics organically. So I texted him to just check up and asked him to send me flicks in the eyewear. He did immediately and posted so I knew I could trust bro, that was love on his part. We got on a call the next day and I told him we should do a FW event together. I have a relationship with the CFDA and we can put it on the calendar to make it bigger. He was up for it so we started building out the showroom “Ascension” in mid December. This is our first collaboration but more on the way stay tuned.”

What was your reason for getting into fashion and designing? 

J.Reid: “I've always loved clothing since I was 3 years old. I loved thrifting and finding new prints at an early age. This has been a journey and I didn’t always design. I started modeling first and my friends knew how to design so I decided to teach myself photoshop when I was 20. From there I had an angel investor produce my first 12 embroidery hoodies and I never looked back. As I grew into my identity I found that I wanted to raise the frequency through design and I knew this wasn’t an easy route but my gut and heart were aligned to that mission. In all I just design in the moment and what I’m currently experiencing in my journey. Simple.”

What was the inspiration/meaning behind the Ascension theme? 

J.Reid: “Ascension is something that we all are going through on the planet right now. It is a word that represents the age we are in, the age of Aquarius. I knew I was gonna name my next showroom/runway after this,  coming off  ‘The Tip Of the Pyramid’ runway show in September. Again this is just what I am personally going through that is translated in design daily. My love for growth fueled this concept, along with my soul's purpose.”

Walk me through your collection/pieces what was the process like?

J.Reid: “The collection reflects the title in totality. We have a range of items in this showroom, including 3 new cropped puffer denim jacket, debuting our new OceanBlue Reid®️ Sunglasses as well as our original classic Reid®️ Sunglasses, beautiful new rhinestone hoodies, trousers, and 1 of 1 jackets. My favorite of this collection is our black “Ascension '' Cropped Denim Puffer hand Sewed in house by Mereidith Howell. Shout to her a lot of these items don’t get done without her. The process is always fun but tedious, from sampling to making sure quality control is correct and even scratching the idea and starting over. I have learned to stay focused and have fun and all will always work out. As we grow I’m sure our process will become more efficient and expand easily.”

What was most challenging about building this collaboration? 

J.Reid: “The biggest challenge was just adjusting to NY and other times. Everyone is different and has different ways they get things done. Just allowing and giving grace and space for others to execute how they do. I am very on point and NY has different timing sometimes, I’m used to this but we had a lot of moving parts to put together  as well 300+ in attendance. Other than that, no worries and I’d do it again easily.”

What does this line represent to you, how would you describe it in 3 words? 


What statement are you making with your designs? 

J.Reid: “I feel I am making the subconscious and spirit of others question what’s around them. I feel when people look at and wear my designs they have an inner talk about things that make sense or don’t make sense in society. I feel when people see what I am saying it is respected and loved. My intention is simple and that is to just uplift and raise the frequency or vibration of everything around. 

Picture Credits: Niko Carter @theboyniko

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