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ColorBloc's new podcast 'The Mental Plug' hosted by Quinn Barbour

On this World Mental Health Day, we are pleased to announce our new podcast "The Mental Plug," hosted by Quinn Barbour.

In our inaugural episode, we delve into the topic of art as a means of healing, while highlighting key insights from Kiana Ledé’s interview with ColorBloc Magazine. You'll also be treated to snippets from her latest album "Grudges," along with valuable insights on the intersection of art and healing.

Take a moment to relax, pour yourself a glass of wine, and discover the profound connections between art and healing. In upcoming episodes, we will hear from talented artists and creative professionals, who will share their motivations for creating and shed light on the therapeutic benefits of their work. Join us as we establish a link between artistic expression and personal well-being on "The Mental Plug."

Take a listen to episode one.


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