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Col3trane releases the official video to "Astrology Joint"

Col3trane, the independent R&B star who released "Astrology Joint" last month, has just dropped an official video for the track. In it, he goes to a fortune teller played by Catherine Adams and is read his future. The song itself is about Col3trane's interest in astrology and his desire to learn more about it because he wants to know what the future holds. The lyrics include lines like,

“Asked for my angel number, she said number three. I don't know what it mean, but I gotta keep it. And she said, "Do you know your Moon or your rising? If I can show you, maybe, we could catch a vibe quick,"

Directed by Billy King, we see Col3trane at first hesitant on believing what he's being told by the lady with the cards. But as they continue talking he becomes increasingly interested as she tells him that "the universe is calling" him and offers to help him understand what that means.

"Astrology Joint" is the focus track off his independent debut album "Lush Life," released earlier this year. The 12-track project—on Col3trane's very own Trane Of Thought Records—shows off the singer-songwriter's futuristic take on R&B. And if you haven't listened yet, you really should! The project includes hit track "Californication," along with the sultry collaboration "Bag" featuring Grammy award-winning artist Lucky Daye, as well as the lusty single "Plus Minus" featuring Erick The Architect and the most recent bop "Logan Paul."

Col3trane's career has been bubbling for the last few years. In 2017, he released his mixtape Tsarina and it garnered serious attention for its unique sound. The mixtape generated 3MM streams on Spotify within the first month. His second project, BOOT (Breathing Out of Time), proved to be just as impactful. In 2019, he capitalized on his massive EP Heroine with the leading track "Superpowers" featuring Goldlink. In 2020, he maintained momentum with love ballads like "Someone To Watch Over Me" and "Good News" into collaborations with Kiana Lede on "Clutch" and best mate and fellow Londoner Mahalia on "Pretty." Since releasing his highly anticipated debut album "Lush Life", Col3trane has been riding a wave of success.

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