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Big Boss Vette talks Rolling Loud & Future Superstar Tour

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Photo credit: Rolling Loud / @curtishuynh

While it may have been her first time at Rolling Loud, Big Boss Vette was made for this. Performing like a vet, she hit the stage with a ball of energy. Hyping the crowd up with her top trending and viral singles "Snatched" and "Pretty Girl Walk", she commanded the stage and had your attention throughout the entire set. Later that night, she pop out during Coi Leray's set to perform the "Pretty Girl Walk Remix" and the crowd went crazy! Once you meet you're

considered family, her bubbly and uplifting personality makes you feel right at home. Signed to Republic Records, already a Billboard charting artist and currently on tour with Nick Cannon, Big Boss Vette is showing that with the right talent, determination, and a positive outlook on life, anything is possible. We got a chance to speak with her following her set at Rolling Loud California, here is how our conversation went.

ColorBloc Magazine: So, we got to see your set!

Big Boss Vette: Really?! Was it good!?

ColorBloc Magazine: It was really good! You had a lot of energy and commanded the stage.

We loved it.

Big Boss Vette: Thank you so much. Do you have anything critiques?

ColorBloc Magazine: Honestly no, you gave a lot of energy, and you had the crowd going. We've got the chance to see a lot of artists take the stage over the weekend, and you performed like a vet, for real.

Big Boss Vette: No, this is my first stage ever like Rolling Loud, like, I have never been here. Like, this is my first time stepping on his grass. You know, I actually wanted to take a piece of it and put it in my pocket because I've never been here.

ColorBloc Magazine: Lol well, congratulations on being here, you killed it! So preparing for a set like this. What does it take?

Big Boss Vette: You know, it's crazy, like, humbly speaking, like, I literally practice at one of my dancers, apartment gyms. Like it was an open space and she asked her building manager, can I come practice here? And they were like, yeah, and we practiced there for like two weeks. And then I went on tour. So now I'm on tour, and I literally paused my tour so I can come here. I'm on the Nick Cannon, Future Superstar Tour but I had to make it here. So I did not practice for like maybe almost two weeks now, because I was on tour but we still did it. We still got it together. You know, we still made it.

Photo credit: Rolling Loud / @curtishuynh

ColorBloc Magazine: And with being on tour you brought that performance energy here too?

Big Boss Vette: Absolutely. The only difference is I had dancers like when I'm on tour, doing these 11-minute sets. I do that sh*t by myself. Like, I have to keep the crowd by myself. When you have dancers. You know, it's like, easier because they like, pick you up when your slacking. So if you get tired, your dancers help you, they kinda like, come on. You know and when you don't have dancers it is up to you and that DJ. Nick Cannon is DJing right now, but doing that sh*t raw, it's so fire.

ColorBloc Magazine: Well, you gave a lot of energy. You really hyped up the crowd.

Big Boss Vette: They my cousins Lol

ColorBloc Magazine: Yeah, you said during your set, everyone you meet is like family to you. Speaking of family, it's important to check on our family and talk about mental health. With being in an industry like this, how do you keep your mind healthy and positive?

Big Boss Vette: So to be honest, it was very hard in the beginning, like, I continuously found myself in dark holes, that was hard for me to crawl myself out of. And what I finally came to the realization was to cut off the people that were around me draining me because I am such a bubbly person, and I pick up on energy. So if I'm happy today, and you in a mood, if I'm talking to you, I am going to get all of your energy and you're going to get all of my bubbly energy. I don't know why it works like that. But this is how it works, you know? So, um, the ones that I like, realize were continuously draining me. I was like, Okay, enough, like, I cannot continue to use my energy, you know, so you just keep positive people around you at all times. You know, like, people that don't want to drain you. They don't mind pouring back into your cup.

ColorBloc Magazine: Keeping the right energy around you is important, especially as you have continued success. How has having a viral hit, helped to elevate your career?

Big Boss Vette: It has gotten me a little bit more notoriety. People know that I'm coming, but I want to follow my record. Like, it is hard to like keep up with a song when it goes viral. Because sometimes it will leave you behind and now you got to play catch up, you know, so I want to be bigger than my songs. Honestly speaking, you know, so I got a lot more work to do. But I'm grateful for everything that has come my way now, but I'm still working.

ColorBloc Magazine: That's a good work ethic to have. With it being Women's History Month, what does the statement "Phenomenal Woman" mean to you?

Big Boss Vette: Phenomenal woman, a woman a gets up, gets to work, no matter what. You know, like, if I'm sad today. I'm gonna get up and I'm keep going. If I'm broke today, I'm gonna get up and I'm keep going. If I don't know where to go today, I'm gonna get up and I'm going to keep, you are going to make a way out of nothing, you know? On your good days or bad days. Your sad days. Your excited days. You are going to keep going because there is so much more that the world has to offer.

ColorBloc Magazine: I love that! Well, thank you for talking with us today. It was a pleasure watching your set.

Big Boss Vette: Now we're cousins!

ColorBloc Magazine: Yeah, we're cousins that's right! We look forward to seeing your success and growth as an artist, thank you for coming to Rolling Loud.

Watch the Pretty Girl Walk Official Music Video:

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