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Beyoncé - Renaissance, a Dance Film by Lyrik London

Since its release, Beyoncé's latest solo album, Renaissance, has taken the music world by storm. Igniting the feeling of freedom, acceptance, and empowerment; its cultural impact can be seen all across the globe. People of all ages and from diverse backgrounds take to social media, posting countless videos grooving out to the melodic tunes. From dancing along to catchy songs like 'Cuff It' and 'Alien Superstar' to singing vocally challenging songs like' Plastic Off The Sofa' and 'Virgo's Groove' you're bound to come across a Renaissance-inspired post while scrolling your feed. Among the many inspired by the Renaissance movement is director, choreographer, and creative, Lyrik London who recently shared a 30 min dance film in homage to the Renaissance album.

Lyrik writes:

I haven't been inspired by music like this for such a long time. Renaissance made me feel seen. It made me feel safe to create unapologetically. This is for everybody who just needs to feel seen. Thank you <3

Watch Lyrik London's Renaissance -Dance Film:


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