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Alex Rose Pays Homage To Classic Reggaeton Alongside CNCO With Their Single, "Pa Que Guaye"

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Known affectionately as "El Del Swaggy," La Nueva Voz Del Trap" and "El Nuevo Rockstar," Puerto Rican artist Alex Rose has enjoyed a large share of success since he broke out into the music scene in 2016, carving a lane for himself in the genre of R&B and Latin Trap.

Within two years, he reaped global success, reaching a global audience collaborating with artists such as Rauw Alejandro, Lenny Tavárez, Lyanno, and Cazzu, cementing his prominence in the mainstream music space.

The following three years saw him amassing more than one billion views on Youtube, Topping Spotify, Central, and South American radio charts and be listed as Billboard’s “22 Latin artists to watch in 2021".

In a true "El Nuevo Rockstar" fashion, Alex Rose continues his boundary-breaking streak collaborating with multiplatinum, award-winning Latin GRAMMY-nominated quartet CNCO for his latest single, “PA QUE GUAYE.”

Sensual, evergreen, vibrant, and marinated with exotic crisp, the sensational club banger is suitable for two essential functions: overcoming heartbreak with a good night out with your friends and kicking the party into high gear!

The breezy production gives Alex Rose and CNCO a unique pocket of advantage amidst Urban Music’s evolving subgenres. “Pa Que Guaye” pays homage to classic Reggaeton that consists of complex couplets and pop synths.

Alex dabbles outside of his comfort zone as the Urban music trendsetter by blending his R&B imprint on the pop subculture pop-Reggaeton, an experience that the Pue star has found to be nothing short of exciting.

The artists were met with thousands of positive comments and overwhelming excitement when the collaboration was announced along with a snippet of the audio, setting up a precedence for instant success within the spectrum of Latin music.

“Pa Que Guaye” marks a pivotal milestone for Alex Rose and CNCO as they got to share in each other's worlds, creating not only a new wave for their collective fanbase to enjoy but provide fertile grounds for the Latin music community to converge and expand, A win-win of note.

Stream/Download “PA QUE GUAYE.”

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