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Actor/Singer/Songwriter: Elijah Boothe

Written by Sid Milford

What has been the greatest sacrifice you have made for your craft/talents? I’d say the greatest sacrifice I’ve made thus far for my career would be moving from New Jersey to Los Angeles. I will forever be an east coast boy at heart. Jersey Is Home, so it was hard leaving my family & friends but I knew If I didn’t take a chance on myself, I would regret it for the rest of my life.

In a previous interview, you stated: “ Every “no” I’ve heard has made me who I am today.” ​Can you expand on how that way of thinking and how it resonates with Travis’ journey throughout the film? What does the process mean to you? Absolutely. My parents have always taught me to walk by faith, and not by sight so I’ve always believed that whatever is meant for me will always reach me. Which is why taking on this character was so important to me. I think Pink Opaque does a beautiful job at highlighting the realism behind the treacherous journey of chasing your dreams. Like most artists, my journey has certainly been an uphill battle. But I’ve learned that pressure breeds diamonds, and without it there would be no growth.

This is your leading acting debut producing and bringing Travis to life in ​Pink Opaque​. ​Was playing this role a detachment from previous characters you have portrayed? Did you learn more about yourself while filming this role? Yes! This character came with so many different layers that I had to unpack throughout my prep period before we went into production. Battling homelessness, dating, and chasing a dream. I never portrayed a character like this before that carried so much weight. I definitely learned a lot about myself throughout the filming process. The biggest lesson I’d say Travis reminded me of, was to always trust the journey.

“You’re always in a rush Travis, but where are you going?” This line in particular was very meaningful and stood out to me. ​Can you tell us more about how this line plays into the underlying message of the film? That’s actually my favorite line in the entire movie! I’m so glad it resonated with you as well! I think that line is a reminder for anyone chasing their dream to always walk in purpose, and never forget why they started. Which really ties in with the overall theme of the film.

Your EP is going to be out in the world soon. “All My Lovin’” and “Eyes on Me” are already gaining traction and excitement for the release. ​What was it like producing your first film and preparing your music for production? Does your music also speak to you as an actor, or would you consider them separate talents in their respective spaces? Yes! I really had a blast creating those two records. Both records were produced by Sum Comfort (Stockholm) and Jordan James (London). Our collaboration was effortless. I’m definitely looking forward to creating more vibes with them. Producing my first film has been an incredible journey in itself. To even be able to say those words is truly a testimony. I’ve learned a lot of lessons about the behind the scenes creative that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my career. When it comes to the music, there was really no prep. I’ve been singing all my life. I just began vetting producers, and listening to beats and whenever an instrumental resonated, I just let my heart sing. It’s all about authenticity for me when it comes to my craft. I think that’s what both of my disciplines share in common. It’s all about vulnerability for me. That’s the only way people are going to feel something.

Has the role of Travis changed/affected you in any way? What part did you play (if any) in creating the dialogue of this film? I did have to tap in and method act for the scene in the car when Travis contemplates suicide. I made sure to shake off any emotionally heavy scenes like that. As far as the dialogue goes, that was all Dave Ragsdale (Executive Producer), and Derrick Perry (Director). They did a beautiful job at shaping this film.

In this film there are certain nuances that speak to the creative process in finding the strength and creativity to overcome obstacles and setbacks, and taking control of your talents. Travis faces many hits from family, career choice and romance in his personal life as he pursues his dream.

As a creative you’re always learning new skills and techniques and you’ve said you’re more hands on when it relates to creating on the spot. ​Why do you feel it was important to make this film and tell this story through Travis’s lens? I think telling this story was super important because it’s one that I feel doesn’t get told enough. We always hear stories about someone winning or losing but what about the journey that it took to get to that point. What about the hustle, the sacrifice, the amount of perseverance that it takes to really go after your hearts desires. I wanted to be a part of pushing that narrative in Hollywood.

How would you describe Travis’s character development as an artist through the film? If you were in his shoes, would you have followed a similar path to creative freedom? I’d say Travis’s growth process was similar to everyone else’s, very “trial and error”. The only thing I would have done differently would have been skipping the parties haha.

In a few words, what do you want the audience to take away from this film? What type of music would you recommend to someone who is looking to overcome creative block? I want audiences to walk away from this film inspired and empowered to unlock their true purpose, and go after their dreams in spite of any roadblocks that will arise on the way there.


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