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Media Kits

Hi, Welcome to ColorBloc! You've been selected for an exclusive interview. Below you will find two feature options, one for our upcoming print issue, and the other for our exclusive Artist Cameos series. Both feature types will include an exclusive interview. So what's the difference?


Printed Editorial Features are interviews featured in our printed issues and displayed on our ColorBloc Exclusives page. Printed features follow a strict deadline, and must include a photo series that coincides with the theme of the issue.


Artist Cameos differ, as they are only digital features. Artist Cameo interviews are displayed on our ColorBloc Stories page. The work must speak to who the artist is but does not have to follow a theme, this feature type has no deadline. (Examples are included in media kit) 


Please select your preferred media kit below to get started. 

Printed Editorial Feature
Media Kit

Theme: The Body IS ART

Deadline: FEB 25th, 2023 11:59pm

Social Media/Blog Feature Media Kit

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