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Kyle Banks

Curated by Cedric Dladla

Photography by TJ Jones 

Asst. by Jon Dailey III

"I've learned that in life you have to truly live without any regrets. 
Good or bad everything happens for a reason and that’s what makes you appreciate life more.."
- Kyle Banks

Kyle Banks has taken his love of R&B and fused it with the melodic rap stylings of Atlanta trap to create a sound that truly shines on his latest EP 'Uncommon'. The young artist delivers hit single after hit single and proves he’s ready to step up to the next level. Indeed, Kyle Banks' work ethic and determination make him a musician ready for the spotlight. We caught up with Kyle to discuss music and more...

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What metaphor best describes your life?  

The metaphor that best describes my life would definitely be YOLO! I've learned that in life you have to truly live without any regrets. Good or bad everything happens for a reason and that’s what makes you appreciate life more.

Your journey as a music artist started when you where 19, after picking up the mic for the first time did you vision being where you are now?


I really had no idea this would be my life now. I was so focused on sports at the time and when I picked up that mic, I was just having fun with my friends. Little did I know that would be the birth of a whole new career path for me.


You released "Time Go" in 2019 here we are in 2022 with so much success in just a few years, how do you stay grounded and focus in an industry with so many distractions?


My team helps me stay grounded, for sure! I also never allow myself to get to comfortable because this is only the beginning there is so much more to achieve.


Having your managers also be your producers is a pretty unique situation, do think that relationship dynamic is what continues to allow you climb the latter of success?


My managers being my producers works because they know me so well. So they know my sound and they are able to push me as I am them.


What brings out your beast mode?


Every time I step into the studio it’s beast mode! I am always trying to one up myself. The last song may have been a hit but I always strive to do better than the last without straying to much from the sound that my fans know and love!


Your latest EP 'Uncommon' has reached well over 1.5 million streams, a major accomplishment. How does it feel to have an EP so well received and did you anticipate it?


It’s a great feel to have my music received so well. It’s a constant reminder that I’m doing something right and that i’m on the right path. Did i anticipate it? Yes and no lol. I’m very confident in what myself and my team can produce but i’m also a new artist still. Sooo it’s always a toss up. I’m glad it went the way it did though. 

You opened the project with "Folded" produced by Skay 808 setting the tone for the elevation of your sound and success. How did you approach this project differently then 'Green Light'?


With this project, I focused more on wordplay as opposed to Green Light where the melody was more of my focus.  


Last year you named "Wind it Down" as your one of your best songs, has that changed?

At this point, “Wind It Down” will forever be my favorite song! 


If you did a remix to Bad Bih, who would you want on it?


Probably Drake because that’s my favorite artist or maybe even Ty Dolla $ign

Lets talk about your collab with Damar Jackson how did that come about?


I heard his music before and I thought he was dope asf! So when the time came, I fasho had to get him on the record. He added the perfect vibe!


Being a hands on person has it's pros and cons, with Uncommon you said COVID forced you to have things flow more freely and seemingly paid off. How do you find the balance moving forward post-COVID?


My time during the COVID lockdown taught me to be more focused cause really I had no choice. Now that I do have a choice, i’m keeping that same mindset because it paid off. 


You just performed at the Dreamville Festival along side the acts of J.Cole, T.Pain, Wale and Wiz just to name a few, what was that experience like? 


This was actually my first festival and the experience for a lack of better words was crazy. I still can’t believe, I shared the stage with legends. I am forever humbled and thankful for the experience. I know i’ma touch way more festival stages soon!  

The audiences are getting bigger and bigger. How do you keep the nerves at bay and prepare for a performance? 


It’s normal to get a little bit of nerves but the more stages you grace the more comfortable you get! Which is like everything, practice makes perfect.



Any must haves when preparing to go on stage or at the studio?


Tea is my go to before I hit the stage, to warm up my vocal cords!



What three songs will always be found at the top of your playlist?


Honestly, I’m all over the place with music so I couldn’t even tell. My mood is forever changing as is the music I listen to.



As you continue to grow as an artist, what do you think is the most fundamental value to keep intact?


It’s so easy to get lost in the sauce in this industry. The most fundamental value to keep intact is staying true to yourself.  



Who are you looking to work with next? Any collabs coming this year?


I can’t spill the beans just yet but just know I some big features coming! We are about to take it to the next level!



Now that Uncommon is out and getting crazy love, your first festival performance was a success, what are you looking forward to next?


I definitely want to go on tour and be able to continue to reach my fans! Outside of that, I want to travel more in general now that things are slowly getting back to the norm.

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Connect with Kyle Banks 

Instagram: @kylebankskb


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