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through October 31st 2021


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At the core of ColorBloc we value providing opportunities for artists of all creative genres and backgrounds. We strive to create issues with meaningful themes that explore and expand the scope of art representation. Below you will find upcoming themes, submission dates and guidelines.

Before submitting please carefully review the theme and submission guidelines.

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for ColorBloc Magazine (2019)


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 Our submission review process. 

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2021 Themes & Submission Dates

Rhythm & Culture

Submissions Open


January 1, 2021 - January 31, 2021

Releasing in March-April 2021

Focusing on movement, composition and motion many artists voice their creativity through dance as an evolving langue. As it exists today, the reality is that dance stems from a rich pool of artistic forms including traditional expression and cultural education that incorporate diverse influences.
This issue will explore the aesthetics of movement and rhythm, the relationship between the art of dance, it’s history and the cultural nuances that inspire us to move.

2021 Submission Calendar & Themes

Next - Gen: Students Only

Submissions Open

March 15, 2021 - April  20, 2021

Releasing in June-July 2021

To the next generation of gifted creatives, this chapter in your lives may be filled with faith and burdened with uncertainty. Today’s youth hold the decision of our future and the weight of fueling new innovations in art. How do you use your voice to tell the stories of your peers and yourself?  How has your life impacted you to create your art? What message do you want to share with other young artists? How will the next generation lead the art community into a more inclusive and diverse world? What will your impact be?

2021 Submission Calendar & Themes

Behind the Beauty

Submissions Open

June 15, 2021 - July 31, 2021

Releasing in September-October 2021

As the gatekeepers to any scene there are many key roles and responsibilities that deliver an effortless look- and it doesn’t happen alone. From vision to design we use innovative ways to redefine creativity and keep the spark alive| Behind the scenes of beauty and glamour in any editorial or commercial shoot is the A team. This issue will take us behind the lens and uncover the diverse talents of the individuals that piece together the final look.

2021 Submission Calendar & Themes

Taste of Cuisine

Submissions Open

September 15, 2021 -  October 31, 2021

Releasing in November-December 2021

Eating and creating are human impulses that will always exist. For their part, the use of culinary activities as a conceptual expression has burst over time as more and more artists use these activities as a recurring theme, muse, and message in their work.  As a vital function, the creative cuisine of today seeks to heighten the senses and many of us relate our traditional cooking skills to family recipes that embody a sense of nostalgia, family, and belonging to a close community. In this issue, we will take a bite out of the culinary arts and indulge in our unique experiences that nourish the soul.

2021 Submission Calendar & Themes