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Submit to ColorBloc Magazine

At the core of ColorBloc we value providing opportunities for artists of all creative genres and backgrounds. We strive to create issues with meaningful themes that explore and expand the scope of art representation. Below you will find upcoming themes, submission dates and guidelines.

Before submitting please carefully review the theme and submission guidelines.

Designed by Matthew Koster,

for ColorBloc Magazine (2019)

Ready to Submit?

Who can submit?

Any artist/creator can submit.


However, only submissions that follow our

Submission Guidelines template will be

eligible for publication consideration.


Submitted work must incorporate the

issue(s) theme. If your project does not

include elements of the related theme

it may be held for future releases.


Photography by Brandon Laurent,

for ColorBloc Magazine (2020)

How to submit?


Choose an issue theme.


Review the Submission Guidelines.

 *please adhere to ALL size, content and document requirements.

  see below


Create your work. 

 *Projects that are submitted for a print or digital publication must be exclusive and original; previously posted or published projects can be submitted for a social feature. 

Interested in a ColorBloc Exclusive or blog feature?


Complete the Submission Check-List.

*You will be required to include this with your submission.


Submit your Portfolio.

*Please prepare your portfolio a day before submitting and submit all required documents as directed; don't forget to include your check-list; submissions that do not include a check-list or missing documents will be consider an incomplete submission. 


What's next?


Our submission review process.

 *Completed submission portfolios will undergo a review from our editorial board. If your project was accepted for publication you will receive an acceptance of publication email confirming your feature in a printed and/or digital issue.


It's time to submit!




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