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Textbook Sonic Novelist ByLwansta Releases The 3rd And Final Installment Of The SPIJØNGET Series.

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

ByLwansta is a textbook sonic novelist whose ingenuity is only outmatched by a strategic stroke of marketing genius. In one fell swoop, the previous canon instalments of SPIJØNGET have evaporated into the cumulous cloud storage of streaming platforms only for the rain of the 3rd and final chapter of the interconnected series to pour into our ears.

My heart trembled as the signature adventure time sample that welcomes us into every SPIJØNGET experience primed me for a heavy first listen as Jake's dialogue gave an endearing clue of what PRETTY STARS would be about; much to my sadness, it seems the Narcos Netflix and chill romance from Chapter one's "Stay Naked" has come to a bittersweet end.

The lo-fi ambient production of "PRETTY STARS" complimented by a stifled trumpet took a dark dungeon pitched octave turn creating a sullen atmosphere narrating the tale of love lost, unresolved closure and the occasional nuance of wishing for things to have been different but ultimately taking the experience and allowing it to shape you to be a better person.

Swinging the artist-entrepreneur alma-Mata pendulum into alumnus status is the witty musical couplet of “WHITE BOARDS’” and the braggadocios "ESTBLSHD" complimenting each other with a near-perfect sequencing. I imagine there to be a slew of re-recordings and writing that was able to eloquently summarize and fill the gap of his ambitious and company milestones into the cohesive ensemble that reassures his networth and multiple streams of income that, to quote the MC, "haven't come in yet."

Inspired by ByLwansta's crush that unfortunately went unconsummated, ASMR is the silver-lining and ellipsis of what we can expect from sharing in the journey of one of the most noteworthy masterminds whose content rollout is coated with professionalism you could expect from a world-class company's marketing department. The Durex condom themed campaign fan favourite is a masterclass of how far you can push the envelope of marketing a single in a manner that leaves a lasting impression.

ByLwansta is a tad bit too slick for my liking. With the references from previous canon instalments that you will either miss if you are unfamiliar with his music or develop a heightened sense of FOMO to experience those witty linguistic gymnastics again only to find that for some shitty reason, you can't find chapter one or two anymore unless you resort to the dark web (please don't).

Such an intentional creative always has a method to his madness, and the sudden disappearance of chapters one and two (nah okes, this really grinds my gears) could very well be an epilogue plot point to the SPIJØNGET story. Alas, the unknown, in this case, is less foreboding and more exciting; the possibilities, the unspoken to be continued that revels in the climactic close of the story indicate, to me at least, that the story isn't over.

In the old school name of 5 Mic, won’t the real Lwansta please say By? And you, for all things heavenly, please say the By.

Watch ASMR Music Video Here:

Download/Stream SPIJØNGET (Chapter Three) Here:

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Twitter: @ByLwansta

Instagram: @pleasesaythe_by

Facebook: @ByLwansta

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