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Linathi Makanda Debuts Her Book, Urban On My Tongue, An Exploration of South African Urban Linguistics

In a contribution to South African literature and culture, author Linathi Makanda unveils her latest work, Urban On My Tongue. This book takes readers on an immersive journey into the heart of urban South Africa, exploring its rich diversity through the vibrant lenses of fashion, music, modern culture, and trends.

Urban On My Tongue acts as a time capsule, capturing the essence of today's linguistic and cultural dialogues and preserving them for future generations.

"I intend to challenge societal dismissals of youth efforts as mere distractions from more 'serious' pursuits," says Makanda.

The book pays homage to the expansive and magical creations of South African youth, despite their circumstances, showcasing their collective influence on the broader urban culture of South Africa.

From the historical underpinnings of lingua franca such as Tsotsitaal and Flaaitaal to the contemporary expressions of oomarhefana, the book documents the dynamic evolution of South African urban youth languages and their profound impact on identity and culture.

Featuring insights from modern fashion enthusiasts, artists, and other cultural influencers, Urban On My Tongue complements the written narrative with visuals of youth across diverse South African locales.


Urban On My Tongue isn’t just a book exploring the beauty of language; it's an initiative movement fostering understanding between cultures and identities. It serves as a call to action, inviting the community to support the creative dreams of the youth. The book introduces a unique approach to distribution through the UOMT Fund, a donation-based initiative created alongside the book to support creative talents in various fields.

By contributing to the UOMT Fund at, you become an active participant in nurturing the next generation of artistic talent. In return for your donation, you will receive your own copy of Urban On My Tongue.

About Linathi Makanda

Linathi Makanda is a multi-talented artist known for her poetry and visual arts. Her poetry collections include "When No One Is Watching" and "I Say These Things To Myself". She also works in videography, photography, and art direction. Makanda's work has gained recognition, being featured in Vogue Italia and showcased in international exhibitions. As a 2023 Power of Women finalist, she is a champion for storytelling and women's empowerment.



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