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Lacañgan Realizes That Love Matters With His Latest Heartfelt Single, 'Cool'.

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Every once in a sonic blue moon, creators and consumers alike are held at the mercy of renaissance energy. A stylistic pallet of song structure akin to a spec of history that originated its production, harmonic tonalities, cadence, songwriting and overall nostalgic mode makes a solar return through the decades into our present-day where technological advancements drive a nuanced vantage point of crystalized clarity.

Introducing Lacañgan, a three-time award-nominated musician and one of the founding mummers of the 'SISU COLLECTIVE', an institution primed on helping entrepreneurs and creatives release their vision. Before the 2020 rebrand to Lacañgan (which is his surname), the R&B swoon serenade went by the moniker Marz Jukebox, and gained recognition in the music industry in the early 2000s and enjoyed an expansive decade of success touring with the likes of Katy Perry, BSlade, Kansas and Kirk Franklin.

Reclaiming a subtle culmination of the Boyz II Men, Ryan Leslie, and Michael Jackson pop-soul is his latest offering, "Cool", an ode to a love that pleasingly caught him by surprise. Toiling the duality of being a playboy reaping the pleasure of no strings attached situationships and the hollow emptiness of not believing in love, Lacañgan relishes newfound vulnerability.

Infectious melodies, enamouring electronic guitars, crashing cymbals, rhythmic drumlines, bass guitars and majestic trumpets effortless submerge and give each other breathing room for the golden leading voice and backing harmonies to communicate affectionate passion to his intended.

The mystery lady is an architect of reform as she took Lacañgan from a vantage point of believing love is not for him to uttering vehement quotes such as “You got me head over heels I’m floating, into your arms, I can’t stand when we are apart.” Lacañgan nervously drops into momentary doubt, wondering if this is his Karmic partner as the bridge echoes:

“Before you came, love was just a game
I would break a heart, turn and walk away
Now that things have changed, is it me getting played?
I don’t care as long as you run the game."

Concluding that he would do a lifetime with his muse, he feigns the prospect of a karmic partner and settles for the more rousing possibility that this is his soulmate—a well-done mature composition highlighting a sweet change of heart from a once numb to love bachelor. A unanimous confidence radiating from Lacañgan (songwriter), Andre Taylor (songwriter) and Levester White (producer), all of whom contributed to the writing and recording process of the track, posits 'Cool' as the precipice of history-making with accolades like the coveted Grammy amid their reach.

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