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Jigo Viriña Consoles The Stench Of Rejection With His Latest Single, “So Cold”.

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Jigo Viriña, the genre-fluid independent multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and visual artist from Quezon City, Philippines, might have singlehandedly caused the biggest upset of 2022, compressing a 5-minute worthy omage to heartbreak into a measly 1:49 minute experience that spawns a loopy replay value.

“So Cold So Cold, I just wanna know if you’re down tonight
So fine, so fine, I just don’t mind if we spend another night
Set my eyes straight at you
Desperation haunts me when I’m coming through”

I mean, how dare you, Jigo? How dare you take me through a soothingly coarse electronic guitar lead texture, a woozy synthetic baseline, well-timed shakes soaked in an anthemic live drum with a hint of vocal supremacy that confusingly feels like a warm blanket that covers me in a supportive fibre of “everything will be okay” and expect me to be satisfied with how abruptly it ends? Honestly!

It is perplexing how one can portray several years’ worth of agonizing rejection into an hour of creation and shrinks down to a refined raw feel composition that is 11 seconds shy of 2 minutes. Brooding over murky instrumentation, I wallowed through the shared experience cloud of uncertainty from similar circumstances that made me all too familiar with the word, No.

The budding RnB, electronic music, lo-fi maverick has been refining the art of making such impactful music since 2018. A classic bedroom studio creative, the production perfected from his humble abode, he released singles and a collaborative ep with fellow local singer Mariamaria. The duo went on to perform Sofar Sounds, Hong Kong, Rappler Live and a handful of local music venues in the city to promote their EP.

Rest assured, excitement is in the air as more music from Jigos vault is set to be unleashed, including a collaborative album with Mariamaria that is set to drop by the end of this year. I spy with my Spotify, a new record to add to the Colobloc playlist chile.

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