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Jade Leanne Reclaims Her Power With Her Latest Offering, My Body.

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Since the dawn of patriarchy and its excused toxic masculinity, misogyny and submissive sexual rhetoric, women have been at the short end of the ownership stick. Often at the mercy of a man's world, conformity, shadow love, and repression of personal strength have been the status quo until much recently when the resurgence of the matric took centre stage.

A host of women, including East London based Jade Leanne, have come to the fold, boldly reclaiming every sphere of their power. Dipping effortlessly in the honeycomb register, she serenades a set of ground rules for any bachelor who believes she's an easy score emphasizing a contemporary Beyonce Quote ”If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it”. Her subtle authoritative chorus echoes:

“Keeping My T-shirt and my panties on
Until I finally find the one
And he puts a ring on it
Says that I’m his Mrs.”

Nestled through Poignant, sensual, coquettish delivery, the Linden J Grant produced cry for romance renaissance embellishes anthemic memorabilia of the 2000s RnB, making a steady return to the musical sphere. A close inspection of the lyrical content underscores a raging frustration that is dangerously projected through a calm poise and lament for intentionality and effort.

“My Body” follows the singer-songwriter’s readiness to take full ownership of a subject close to her heart. The old soul with a purist desire for courtship in the era of hookups shares:

“This song, for me, is about taking my power back. It’s about making it known that my body does not belong to anybody - no ex or ex-situation. Nobody can just take from me when and how they please," she exclaims when speaking on the track. "This is my body, and I choose who has access, and best believe they've got to be worthy!"

To seek love in our overtly sex hungry generation is an audacious, political act. Political in the sense that women are taking the lead on restoring the purity of love rather than settling for its deceptive means to a sexual end if not other manipulation that yields benefit. As an Eat, Pray, Love kinda Gent, Jade? I feel you, girl; I’m keeping my T-shirt and my boxers on too. My love is hella sacred, and I will not settle for any less than the heights of romanticism.

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