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Ginta Teaches Us to Walk Away From What No Longer Serves Us in Her Latest Single, Ciao Ciao

It's a new season, and if there's one thing new beginnings can bring, it's an opportunity for us to reflect. French-Italian pop star, Ginta reels us in on this with her sultry yet upbeat single Ciao Ciao (J'ai pas le Tête) featuring guest verses from rapper, Anto Paga and production wizardry from High P.

With a passion for sound engineering and technological innovation, Ginta’s sound in her latest single blends French pop with the Trap world to deliver to us a song that is positioned to heighten our spirits and one we see perfect for starting the day on a high note - the recent trend of Instagram Reels and perhaps a hype song before you hit the streets for a girls' night out.

Ciao Ciao represents the time to turn the page, with an optimistic streak towards the new, what will be.

With its loose translation of not paying attention to what does not serve one, the message conveyed by the song complements Ginta's modus operandi. She strives to release work that is positive and encourages one to actively make informed decisions regarding one's wellbeing.

I concentrate on writing songs which have a positive message about life, love and relationships. I also believe that technology has the power to enhance human expression by adding a unique new dimension to it.

Nothing short of gorgeous, the artist is also a resourceful young woman who has built up an unparalleled background to quell the misogynists. A graduate of a master's degree in new technologies in Silicon Valley, Ginta is also a songwriter and influencer. She wrote her first song at the age of four and started recording her own compositions in her teenage years.

Alex Brokas, who directed the video, featured dancing from a Ballet Corps along with features from Italian actor Andrea Carpinteri, YouTuber Social Boom, and Radio 105's Fabio Ingrosso. The artist manifests an electrifying spirit of confidence here, which feels like what she is encouraging us to embody in our own spaces.

In tandem with Ginta's desire to continuously improve her skill set, we are more than eager to see what else she will come up with in the future.



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