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Gabb Dubé releases latest single 'Take The Night Off'

"Take The Night Off" is the third single from R&B singer Gabb Dubé. The track is inspired by a past relationship of hers, a sensual song that battles with lust, love and self-conflict. This rising star speaks of an emotionally detached situation "I love the chase I think I lo... but I won't say baby I'm tired of playing games about to put you in your place but you know". The track features silky smooth guitar strumming and slick trap beats, topped off by Dubé’s addictive voice and flows."

Inspired by Jhene Aiko, Gabb Dubé has been singing for over a decade, but it's only recently that she's decided to pursue music professionally and share her talent. Her first single 'Dlow', released last year, received over 30 thousand views on YouTube.

Not afraid to get down to the cold truth in her songs, drawing from her own perspective as well as the emotions of people around her. With a recipe for success, 'Take The Night Off' is just the beginning for Gabb Dubé.


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