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edub.emoney impresses with empowering latest single - 'Brown Skin Girl'

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

The new single 'Brown Skin Girl' from edub.emoney is a remarkable ode to black women showing his appreciation in a beautifully appropriate manner, produced by Rellevant. He captures the essence of empowerment in an uplifting, positive, elegant and poetic way - with every metaphor, every rhyme, every lyric, there is a distinct love and adoration which is undeniably tangible. Often compared to Schoolboy Q, Tech N9ne, Cassidy, and Pusha T, he delivers a feel-good RnB hit that boasts a smooth, delicate timbre in its production; a broad soundscape plucking instrumental tones. From Soul icons like Marvin Gaye, George Benson, and Otis Redding; a voice with dulcet tones reminiscent of Barry White, and a rhythmic, lyrical flow that ingeniously wriggles its way into the listener's ear to be stuck there for days on end. It's undeniably groovy.

Inspired by the sounds of the 'City of Angels' and influenced by 2pac, edub found his love for hip-hop in the streets of LA. Through rap battling with friends around the neighborhood, he discovered his unique freestyling rap ability. A regular freestyle rap participant, edub has developed a unique way with words, delivering punchlines, metaphors, and clever wordplay. After writing his first track with a local radio DJ the rest is history, he debuted his first performance at Mixed Nuts Entertainment Hall and is now signed to BOYSLOVERECORDS.

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